benefits of municipalities migrating to online city services
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January 9, 2023

Top 5 benefits of municipalities migrating to online city services

As more and more government services are being offered digitally, municipalities are beginning to realize the many benefits of migrating to online city services. 

Below, we are outlining a variety of reasons why municipalities are making the shift towards digital service delivery:

 1. Increased efficiency

By migrating to online city services and reducing the need for in-person interactions, municipalities can streamline simple processes and improve efficiency across a number of departments. For example, e-permitting software allows permits and licences to be obtained, managed, and renewed quickly and easily online. 

2. Improved accessibility

Online city services can be accessed from any location with an internet connection, reducing the need for citizens to travel to city hall or other government offices. This ease of access removes many physical barriers that some constituents may be facing such as living in a rural area, childcare needs, or a lack of transportation options. When constituents are able to access the services they need quickly and easily, they are more likely to be satisfied with the overall experience.

3. Reduced costs

Another benefit of migrating city services towards online delivery is the reduced need for physical materials and infrastructure, leading to enormous cost savings for municipalities. For example, collecting and processing common government services using paper methods costs the U.S. federal government over $38.7 billion. By moving towards online service delivery, municipalities are able to make their budgets stretch even further, allowing for the allocation of often scarce resources towards other important priorities. This can ultimately lead to better outcomes and a more effective government across the board.

4. Increased transparency

Online city services can provide greater transparency, as citizens can easily access information on different projects and also track the status of their requests and transactions with government agencies. Transparency is incredibly important for citizens because it helps to ensure that the municipality is accountable for its actions and decision-making processes. This builds increased trust between citizens and their municipality. When constituents have access to information about how the government is operating and how decisions are being made, they are able to hold their elected officials accountable and make informed decisions when it comes to voting.

5. Enhanced citizen engagement and satisfaction

Increased civic participation is another way in which municipalities can benefit by migrating their city services to an online experience. Greater opportunities for citizen engagement is particularly important when a government agency is seeking public input on a proposed policy change or new project. Through digital tools such as online forums and surveys, municipalities can gather and analyze feedback from citizens easily to help with the decision making process.

By migrating city services online, government bodies can reap many benefits for both citizens and administrative staff. The ability to streamline municipal operations is extremely important to save on valuable financial and human resources. In addition, a key benefit of digital service delivery is that governments can improve the lives of citizens by enhancing the customer experience.

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