Who we are

Cocoflo is a software company offering a single solution digital platform designed to revolutionize the way government services are available, both internally for administrative management and externally for citizen engagement.
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What we do

We provide a Cloud-Based City Services delivery platform for state and local governments (using existing systems and existing data).

Why we do it

To make life easier and improve citizen engagement and their experience. Cocoflo’s Cloud-Based City Services:

- Provides access to all citizens, including those in remote locations.
- Provides transparency and efficient transactions, collecting revenues faster.
- Simplifies administration and reduces costs.
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Founded on community

Cocoflo was founded with a vision to help strengthen communities by improving the lives of citizens.

At Cocoflo, we believe that smart city strategies start with a commitment to community. This continues to be the vision of our founder, Bernie Florido. As a former City Police officer, then as a Land Developer, and now as a tech entrepreneur, Bernie’s community perspective is unique and varied. It’s his experience and leadership that has guided Cocoflo as we continue to execute our vision. 

Grounded in values

Safety & wellness

Committed to protecting our communities through healthy habits.


Better solutions to meet new requirements or needs.


Sharing our ideas openly and supportively to achieve excellence.

Open Communication

Fostering an environment where information moves free and fast.

Honesty & Trust

Being sincere in everything we say and do.

Respect & Dignity

Appreciating the individuality of others by our words and actions.


Empowering individuals to help, guide and inspire others.


Holding ourselves responsible for our actions and performance.

Our leadership team

Cocoflo's CEO & Founder, Bernie Florido

Bernie Florido

Founder &
Chief Executive Officer
Headshot of Jeff Martin, CFO of Cocoflo Innovations

Jeff Martin

Co-foundeR &
Headshot of Ben, Chief Technology Officer at Cocoflo

Billy Caley

Seasoned Technology Leader

Working at Cocoflo

Join our Team

Work-life balance that will make your family smile

Remote work

We aim to foster a remote-friendly environment, allowing our employees to work from home across the country.

Extra long long-weekends

Ever felt like you could have used an extra day attached to that long weekend? We felt it, and took matters into our own hands!

Paid volunteering opportunities

Changing the world one municipality at a time can be supported in many ways. We encourage your volunteer initiatives in a variety of ways. 

Incentives that will make your friends jealous

Employee stock option plan

We grow together. We want all employees to share our success story. 

Short-term incentive plan

We drive a high-performance culture that rewards our employees who go above and beyond. 

Health & dental benefits

Your health and well-being always comes first. We want you and your family to be healthy and safe. 

A world of crazy opportunity

Culture of advancement

If you are advancing your career, we are advancing the company!

Supporting career growth

We work with you to build you a career plan to inspire us all. In addition, we assist with training and education to ensure you reach your career goals.  

Work hard, play harder

Annual summer bash

You don’t want to miss this one!

Gaming days

Bring your game face. Get ready to have some fun while team building.

Weekly team lunches

We love to eat. Get to know your team better while enjoying a variety of delicious food on us!

Our partners

We’re continuously working with partners to help communities stay connected and empower cities to make smarter choices for the betterment of citizens' lives.

Our partners

We’re continuously working with partners to help communities stay connected and empower cities to make smarter choices for the betterment of citizens' lives.
Delve into how AWS Cloud, in partnership with Cocoflo, is set to transform local government operations in 2024 with secure, scalable, and cost-effective solutions. Learn about the transformative impact on aging IT systems, budget limitations, and privacy concerns, paving the way for smarter, more efficient municipal services, as told by Sean Roche, AWS Director of National Security and former CIA Deputy Director.
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