Government Licensing and Permitting Software

Cocoflo's streamlined software simplifies licensing and permit processes, boosting efficiency and citizen satisfaction. It delivers intuitive management for all government licensing and permitting needs.

Marriage License

Simplify the marriage license process and create joyful experiences for couples. Cocoflo automates your workflow for faster processing, secure data handling, and superior compliance.
  • Offer couples a streamlined online application experience with intuitive forms and automated task management.
  • Consolidate marriage license data in a centralized platform with robust security measures, protecting sensitive information and ensuring compliance.
  • Expedite marriage license approvals with automated workflow notifications and streamlined review processes – so couples can focus on their big day!

Business License

Oversee business licensing with precision and transparency. Cocoflo consolidates renewals, verifies tax compliance, streamlines zoning approvals, and enables secure online communication for businesses and government staff.
  • Consolidate all aspects of business licensing in one user-friendly platform.
  • Automate renewal notifications and streamline the renewal process for both businesses and government agencies.
  • Integrate secure online payment processing for a hassle-free experience.

Builder Licensing

Mitigate risks and uphold construction quality standards. Cocoflo facilitates license verification, cross-checks insurance and bonding, and enables real-time status tracking for both applicants and your agencies.
  • Ensure builder qualifications meet regulations with automated verification tools.
  • Manage builder license renewals efficiently with automated reminders and online application options.
  • Facilitate clear communication between builders, government agencies, and the public.

Pet Licensing

Cocoflo simplifies the pet licensing process for residents and enhances animal welfare. It provides a secure online portal for applications, integrates rabies vaccination records, and facilitates communication with pet owners.
  • Offer residents a user-friendly online portal to submit pet license applications.
  • Enable secure storage and management of pet vaccination records.
  • Promote responsible pet ownership through streamlined licensing and pet data management.

Case Study

City of Lacombe

Streamlined Business Licensing

The City of Lacombe sought to modernize its licensing process for businesses. Cocoflo provides an intuitive online portal, making it easier for businesses to apply, renew, and manage their licenses digitally.
“The Cocoflo staff are like your own staff. They respond quickly and get problems solved. The development of the software is great and we see changes all the time."
~Andrew Reed, Manager of Computer and Information Services, the City of Lacombe

The Cocoflo Difference

Experience a licensing and permitting solution built with government agencies in mind. Cocoflo's flexibility, security, and intuitive design prioritize effortless administration and citizen satisfaction.

True Customization

As your community grows and regulations change, Cocoflo grows with you. Our focus on customization ensures your system remains perfectly aligned with your evolving requirements.

Citizen-Centric Experience

Residents and businesses expect online services. Cocoflo empowers them with 24/7 access to applications, renewals, status updates, and secure payment options, improving overall satisfaction.

Data Security

Data breaches erode public trust. Cocoflo utilizes the latest encryption, strict access controls, and routine audits. We safeguard citizen data with the same vigilance you do.


Sudden growth or new licensing requirements shouldn't create chaos. Cocoflo scales seamlessly along with your needs. Add new license types, handle a surge in applications, and incorporate additional data sources – all without compromising performance.

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