Secure Government Payment Processing Solutions

Upgrade your local government payment processing with Cocoflo's flexible, cloud-based platform. Our all-in-one solution simplifies transactions, boosts citizen satisfaction, and empowers your staff.


Cocoflo's cloud-based utility billing software for municipalities and government bodies simplifies billing and payments for citizens and your administration.
  • Citizens can pay bills 24/7 with credit cards, debit cards, or e-checks.
  • Reduce late payments with customizable email, SMS, and calendar reminders.
  • Get instant insights into payment trends, revenue collection, and more.
  • Reduce call volume and lobby traffic by empowering citizens with self-service tools.

Property Tax

Take the hassle out of property tax collection. Cocoflo streamlines payments and empowers citizens with secure, easy-to-use online tools.
  • Offer various payment methods, including partial payments and installment plans.
  • Citizens can access their entire payment history and receipts online.
  • Easily track unpaid property taxes and automate targeted communications.
  • Ensure accurate billing data through seamless integration.

Water Tax

Cocoflo's customizable solution efficiently manages water tax collection, simplifying the process for your citizens and staff.
  • Easily apply tiered rate structures and promote water conservation.
  • Proactively notify customers of potential leaks to save water and reduce costs.
  • Allow citizens to view usage, update contact details, and set preferences.
  • Ensure data accuracy and reduce manual data entry.

School Tax

Cocoflo's platform offers a secure, intuitive experience that makes school tax payments convenient for parents and efficient for your administration.
  • Accept credit/debit cards, e-checks, and even set up recurring payments.
  • Clearly outline school fees and taxes, avoiding confusion and late payments.
  • Offer flexible payment schedules for families.
  • Simplify the process of adding donations alongside tax payments.

Case Study

City of Lacombe

Streamlined Business Licensing

The City of Lacombe sought to modernize its licensing process for businesses. Cocoflo provides an intuitive online portal, making it easier for businesses to apply, renew, and manage their licenses digitally.
"The Cocoflo staff are like your own staff. They respond quickly and get problems solved. The development of the software is great and we see changes all the time."
~Andrew Reed, Manager of Computer and Information Services, the City of Lacombe

The Cocoflo Difference -  Payments Tailored  to Your Evolving Needs

Experience the difference with Cocoflo's flexible and future-focused approach to government payments.

Modular, Future-Proof Payments

Our government payment solution scales to meet your needs.  Choose from essential modules and add custom features for maximum flexibility.

Citizen-Centric Experience

Prioritize resident convenience with user-friendly online payment systems that enhance the citizen experience.

Unified Payment Gateway

Cocoflo integrates with various departments, creating a single platform for all municipal payments.

Unmatched Support

Benefit from 24/7 expert support and get custom features tailored to your unique requirements.

Transform Your Payment Processes Today

Schedule a demo and see how Cocoflo can optimize government payment workflows within your municipality.

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