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Government Development Planning and Zoning Software

Simplify workflows, make informed decisions, and improve citizen engagement with Cocoflo's cloud-based platform designed specifically for Canadian local governments.

Virtual Plans

Digitize plan submission, review, and approval for faster processing times and improved collaboration.
  • Applicants submit plans electronically anytime, eliminating the need for paper submissions and delays.
  • Intuitive virtual markup tools facilitate real-time feedback between planners, reviewers, and developers, ensuring everyone works from the latest version.
  • Real-time version control eliminates confusion and ensures everyone works from the most current plan, minimizing errors and rework.
  • Geo-referenced plans allow for accurate visualization within the context of land use and spatial data.


Simplify zoning management and ensure compliance with local and national regulations. Provide easy access to zoning information for both staff and the public.
  • An interactive zoning map clearly represents property zoning, permitted uses, and overlay districts, streamlining land use planning.
  • Automated code enforcement empowers proactive identification of potential zoning violations, ensuring compliance and maintaining community character.
  • Data-driven zoning analysis helps identify potential land use conflicts or areas for updates, informing long-term planning decisions.
  • A public-facing zoning portal offers residents and developers transparency and easy access to zoning information, fostering engagement.


Centralize and streamline the management of applications for various government services and permits.
  • Customizable application forms adapt to different permit and license types, ensuring relevant information is captured for each unique request.
  • Integration with electronic signature tools allows for secure and convenient approvals, speeding up processing times.
  • Automated fee calculation and integration with payment gateways ensure accurate and timely fee collection


Structure review processes for timely decision-making and transparent collaboration, upholding local and national standards for good governance.
  • Concurrent reviews enable multiple departments to assess plans simultaneously, accelerating approvals.
  • Secure commenting and collaboration tools facilitate real-time feedback between stakeholders, fostering informed decision-making.
  • Transparent dashboards track review progress in real-time, highlighting potential bottlenecks and maintaining accountability.
  • Integration with GIS empowers staff by providing easy access to relevant geospatial data during reviews.


Centralize permit issuance, tracking, and renewals, improving efficiency and promoting compliance within regulatory frameworks.
  • Automated permit generation with customizable templates and auto-populated data saves time and minimizes errors.
  • Real-time permit tracking provides an up-to-date view of permit status and expiration dates, streamlining management.
  • Online permit renewal offers convenience for citizens and businesses, reducing administrative burden for staff.


Optimize inspection processes with tools designed for efficiency and accurate compliance assessment.
  • A mobile inspection app empowers inspectors with on-site access to information and tools to easily document findings.
  • Streamlined violation tracking enables rapid identification of issues and automatically generates follow-up tasks, supporting proactive enforcement.
  • Integration with the permitting system connects inspections to applications, providing a comprehensive view of project history.

Case Study

Myrtle Beach

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Needs

The City of Myrtle Beach sought to overhaul its service delivery across multiple departments with the help of Cocoflo, improving experiences for citizens and staff while enhancing efficiency across the board.

The Cocoflo Difference - Development Planning Software Tailored for Your Government's Success

Cocoflo's platform uniquely integrates with your existing systems, offers unmatched modularity, and puts the needs of citizens at the forefront.

Modular Design for Maximum Flexibility

Our software empowers you to build the platform that fits your needs. Select only the essential modules and add custom features as your municipality grows and evolves.

Focus on Citizen Engagement

Cocoflo connects with your existing systems, creating a centralized platform for all planning and zoning data and processes. Preserve your investments while improving efficiency.

Dedicated Support and Customization

Benefit from expert support every step of the way, including tailored configurations to ensure our platform aligns with your unique workflows and requirements.

Exceptional Support

Receive dedicated support for smooth implementation and ongoing success, tailored to the local context.

Transform Your Government Planning and Zoning

Revolutionize your government's planning and zoning operations with Cocoflo's advanced software solutions. Discover the benefits firsthand—schedule a personalized demo of Cocoflo's software today.

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