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Empower Your Citizens. Strengthen Your Community. Build informed, proactive communities with Cocoflo's seamless citizen engagement and communication tools.


Keep your citizens up-to-date on essential news, project updates, and service changes. Cocoflo simplifies timely communication.
  • Disseminate critical updates directly to residents.
  • Establish trust by sharing news broadly across the community.
  • Customize announcements to specific neighborhoods or demographics.
  • Track engagement analytics to refine your communication strategy.

Event Calendar

Drive participation and a sense of belonging with Cocoflo's interactive event calendar, a central hub for community activities.
  • Make town halls, festivals, and meetings impossible to miss with a user-friendly calendar that showcases upcoming events.
  • Allow residents to register interest and stay informed about updates directly through the calendar, streamlining event management for organizers.
  • Synchronize scheduling and logistics for organizers with features that make planning and promoting events a breeze.
  • Foster a vibrant community by providing a platform to showcase a lively calendar of community activities and gatherings.


Keep your community safe and informed with real-time alerts from Cocoflo.
  • Issue critical safety alerts like weather warnings or evacuations directly through the platform.
  • You can reach the right people right away by sending alerts about street closures, utility work, and other localized updates.
  • Prepare your residents and reduce disruption by providing timely warnings and updates.
  • Build a well-informed and connected community by ensuring everyone can access important information.

Board Agendas

Enhance transparency by making board agendas easily accessible with Cocoflo's dedicated feature.
  • Provide a single reference point for upcoming board discussions with a centralized location for all agendas and related materials.
  • Make agendas and associated documents readily available online to allow residents to stay informed and contribute meaningfully to meetings.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to open governance by providing easy public access to board agendas.
  • Encourage citizen input on critical decision-making by fostering a culture of transparency and accessibility.


Maintain records and provide a digital resource for residents with Cocoflo's interactive cemetery module.
  • Efficiently manage cemetery records and plot information with a user-friendly interface.
  • Create a respectful digital archive to commemorate loved ones, providing a dedicated space for families to honor their memories.
  • Allow residents to easily find information and locate plots using clear search functions and an intuitive interface.
  • Protect genealogical records and local history by creating a permanent digital archive of cemetery information.

Case Study

The Commonwealth of Virginia

Proactive Emergency Alerts

The Commonwealth of Virginia partnered with Cocoflo to integrate real-time sensor data into their public alert system, ensuring residents receive vital warnings about floods and other potential hazards more quickly and reliably.
“Cocoflo’s services for state and local governments improve the citizen experience.  Their services are customized and unique for each community and we are proud to help launch their US market expansion.  They are a great example of putting the ‘smart’ in smart community.”
~John Holden, Director of Economic Development & Tourism, Stafford County

The Cocoflo Difference - Citizen Engagement, Your Way

Discover why Cocoflo stands out in empowering communities and simplifying government communication.

Completely Modular

Cocoflo's design allows us to customize the platform to your exact needs fully.

Seamless Integrations

Our platform works with your existing systems and data. No costly migrations.

 Your Brand, Front  and Center

White-labeling means Cocoflo seamlessly reflects your municipality's identity.

We Grow  With You

As your community's needs evolve, Cocoflo scales seamlessly. Easily add new alert types, integrate additional systems, and expand your reach to maintain optimal safety coverage.

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