Recreation Management Solutions for Local Government

Transform your recreation programs with Cocoflo's streamlined software. Effortlessly manage schedules, boost online registrations, optimize facilities, and engage residents with a user-friendly, centralized platform.

Tourism Promotion &  Visitor Management

Showcase your community's unique attractions, events, and experiences to drive tourism and enhance the visitor experience. Manage visitor information and streamline tourism-related services.
  • Create a comprehensive online directory of local attractions, events, and activities. Include photos, descriptions, and maps for easy discovery.
  • Capture visitor information to understand tourism patterns, measure event attendance, and gather feedback for future planning.
  • Bundle accommodations, activities, and local experiences to offer attractive packages for visitors.
  • Send targeted promotions, updates, and wayfinding information to registered visitors, enhancing their experience.

Event Planning & Management

Plan and execute successful events of all sizes – from community festivals to major sporting events. Manage logistics, ticketing, and communication with ease.
  • Configure events ranging from small community gatherings to large-scale festivals or tournaments.
  • Sell tickets online, manage capacity, and offer different ticket tiers with flexible pricing options.
  • Coordinate vendor applications, track sponsorships, and effectively assign booth locations or showcase sponsorships.
  • Manage volunteer recruitment and scheduling and track volunteer participation for seamless event execution.

Class & Workshop Bookings

Offer enriching programs for residents of all ages. Manage registration, track attendance, and collect feedback through a streamlined booking system.
  • Set up art classes, fitness programs, language courses, and other workshops to meet the needs of your community.
  • Assign instructors to classes and match appropriate workshop spaces based on capacity and equipment needs.
  • Allow single-class bookings or offer multi-class packages and discounts to encourage participation.
  • Monitor class attendance to optimize scheduling, measure program success, and gather feedback for improvement.

Case Study

Myrtle Beach

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Needs

The City of Myrtle Beach sought to overhaul its service delivery across multiple departments with the help of Cocoflo, improving experiences for citizens and staff while enhancing efficiency across the board.

The Cocoflo Difference - Your Partner in  Building Vibrant Communities

Our completely customizable software will help you unlock the full potential of your parks, facilities, and programs while driving community engagement. Experience the difference with:

Adaptability  & Growth

Our modular system scales seamlessly to meet your community's evolving needs. Start with essential features and add functionalities as your programs and resident participation expand.

Citizen-Centric Design

Residents and businesses expect online services. Cocoflo empowers them with 24/7 access to applications, renewals, status updates, and secure payment options, improving overall satisfaction.

Data-Driven Insights

Data breaches erode public trust. Cocoflo utilizes the latest encryption, strict access controls, and routine audits. We safeguard citizen data with the same vigilance you do.

Local Expertise  & Support

Sudden growth or new licensing requirements shouldn't create chaos. Cocoflo scales seamlessly along with your needs. Add new license types, handle a surge in applications, and incorporate additional data sources – all without compromising performance.

Spark More Engagement and Recreation Management Success with Cocoflo

Discover how Cocoflo's Recreation Management Software can simplify your operations, enhance resident engagement, and drive the success of your programs. Contact us today for a personalized demo and consultation.

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