Welcoming Bonnie Sit to the Cocoflo team as our new Sales Development Representative
February 24, 2023

Welcoming Bonnie Sit to the Cocoflo team as our new Sales Development Representative

Cocoflo is delighted to welcome Bonnie Sit as our new Sales Development Representative, an important role where she will build and nurture key government relationships in order to fuel growth for the company.

Bonnie will help us in driving revenue and assisting the sales team reach its goals. She is an OCAD alumnus in Design and has extensive experience in previous sales roles, including a start-up that was recognized as one of Deloitte's Technology Fast 50 Companies. Bonnie was a President's Club Award Winner for 2022, a prestigious award that recognizes top-performing sales professionals. 

"MyCityHall is an amazing user-friendly platform that helps municipalities run more efficiently. It allows them to innovate towards becoming a Smart City and improve citizen engagement."

She is passionate about making meaningful impacts to Cocoflo and excited to make a difference in the greater community through our city service solutions. We are excited to have Bonnie join our team, let’s give her a warm welcome!

Head to our Company page to learn more about the Cocoflo team.

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